i am victim to the monkey mind. i lay down/sit down/stop and think about every little thing i need to be doing/will need to have done by the end of the week/will need to have done by the end of the month.

fuck the brain of a woman. this is only going to get worse with age. 

but for now some hot herbal tea. tazo calm to be exact. 

please god just let me fall back to sleep until 6:30

i wish i could explain. but i just can’t. i think you have to be in these shoes to understand how they feel. 

"I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the ‘monkey mind’ — the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl."

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choosing to take a shower. go to bed and wake up in a few hours to finish off this studying. 

its amazing how many fucks i don’t give.

i am going to get raped by organic chemistry mechanisms tomorrow & idc.

Its 5am and I am reading and article “Pre-copulatory ejaculation solves time constraints during copulations in marine iguanas”

God I love being a biology major. 

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I actually found this rather touching.


I actually found this rather touching.

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I seriously haven’t stopped today. Woke up. Crammed in my Organic report. Went to lab. Went grocery shopping. Came home, put the groceries up. Went to workout for an hour. Went to Target to get the remainder of the groceries. Came home and sat on the couch.

Tonight I finished my left over pineapple red curry and watched dancing with the stars. I really need to read but…we will see if that happens.